CMA Final Reference Books For Self Study

CMA Final Reference Books For Self Study

CMA Final Reference Books for self-study. Today we are going to suggest CMA Final Group 1 Reference Books and CMA Final Group 2 Reference Books. Now I’m giving the list of authors of reference books for the preparation of the CMA Final Exams. However, I strongly believe that “Study Module is the best book to pass CMA Final Exams.” In this post, we are providing authors of the best reference books in CMA Final subjects and the purchase link.

Reference books for CMA Final

Books Play a major role in the life of Every Student. But the hectic task is to choose the best book which fetches good marks as well as helps in gaining knowledge. Yes, there are plenty of books that one cannot buy all. The Books which are purchased in the highest number which in turn says that Top CMA Final Reference Books bought by CMA Final students.

If you want to gain more knowledge on subjects or want to do self-preparation for the CMA Final then here are my suggestions. We verified so many CMA Final Books which are available in the market and also asked many students. As per their suggestions we have suggested Best CMA Final reference books.
Here we are giving CMA Final Notes also, which you can download hereWe’ve provided CMA Reference books for CMA Exam preparation with Author’s Name and link. Here we’ve suggested the best Author’s names and Good quality content for CMA Final Exam Preparation.

Features of online buying:

  1. You can get more discounts than in the local shops.
  2. You may get them on free delivery and with no shipping charge.

CMA Final Reference Books Authors List

Paper 13: Corporate Laws & Compliance

Munish BhandariLink 1Link 2
Pankaj GargLink 1Link 2
Arpita TulsyanLink 1Link 2
Tejpal ShethLink 1Link 2
A.K.S. KrishnanLink 1Link 2

Paper 14: Strategic Financial Management (SFM)

CMA Kalyani KarnaLink 1Link 2
Ashish KalraLink 1Link 2
V Pattabhi Ram & SD BalaLink 1Link 2
A.N. SridharLink 1Link 2

Paper 15: Strategic Cost Management – Decision making

B Saravana PrasathLink 1Link 2
Sanjay AggarwalLink 1Link 2
P C TulsianLink 1Link 2

Paper 16: Direct Tax Laws and International Taxation

Bhanwar BoranaLink 1Link 2
Vinod GuptaLink 1Link 2
Singhania & SinghaniaLink 1Link 2
T.N. ManoharanLink 1Link 2
PadhukaLink 1Link 2

Paper 17: Corporate Financial Reporting

D.S. Rawat
Link 1Link 2
Praveen SharmaLink 1Link 2
MP Vijay KumarLink 1Link 2
G Sekar & B Saravana PrasathLink 1Link 2

Paper 18: Indirect Tax Laws and Practice

V. S. DateyLink 1Link 2
BangarLink 1Link 2
Uttam Agarwal & Mahesh GourLink 1Link 2

Paper 19: Cost and Management Audit

CA CS CMA Nikkhil GuptaLink 1Link 2
Mohit BahalLink 1Link 2

Paper 20: Strategic Performance Management and Business Valuation

CA CS CMA Nikkhil GuptaLink 1Link 2
Mohit BahalLink 1Link 2

Here we have provided the Best Collection of CMA Final Reference Books. If you need any other help comment below.

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