CMA Intermediate Notes

Download CMA Intermediate PDF Notes

CMA Intermediate Notes | CMA Inter Notes is available for download here on this page and also on our webstore. The download file is in PDF format. Students taking ICMAI | CMA Inter Exams will find the ICMAI | CMA Intermediate Notes very useful.

CMA Intermediate Notes Financial Accounting Notes

Covers all theoretical and practical aspects of Financial Accounting.

  1. Depreciation Accounting
  2. Bills of Exchange
  3. Consignment and Joint Venture
  4. Insurance Claim
  5. NPO
  6. Partnership Accounts
  7. Self Balancing
  8. Hire Purchase
  9. Departmental Accounts
  10. Branch Accounts
  11. Account Current & Average Due Date
  12. Sale of goods on approval or return basis
  13. Accounts complete summary in 50 pages

CMA Intermediate Notes Law & Ethics Notes

Download Law PDF Notes

  1. Chapter-wise solved Question and Answers
  2. Company Law Notes
  3. Ethics Notes
  4. Indian Contract Act Notes
  5. Indian Contract Act (Quick Revision) Notes
  6. Employees Act Notes (Gratuity Act, Bonus Act, Provident Fund Act etc.)
  7. Negotiable Instrument Act Notes
  8. Partnership Act Notes
  9. Sale of Goods Act Notes
  10. Laws and Ethics MCQ Compilation

CMA Intermediate Notes  Direct Taxation Notes

Covers all theoretical and practical aspects of Direct Tax.

  1. Basic Concepts
  2. Income From House Property
  3. Income from Salaries
  4. Capital Gains
  5. PGBP
  6. Income from other sources
  7. Clubbing and Set Off
  8. MAT & AMT
  9. TDS
  10. TDS Quick Summary
  11. Advance Tax & Interest
  12. DT Amendments
  13. International Taxation

CMA Intermediate Notes Cost Accounting Notes

Costing PDF Notes – Important Formula & Hints to Remember

  1. Basic Cost Concepts
  2. Materials
  3. Labour
  4. Overheads
  5. Cost Accounting Systems
  6. Job and Batch Costing
  7. Contract Costing
  8. Joint and By Product Costing
  9. Process Costing
  10. Operting Costing
  11. Standard Costing
  12. Marginal Costing

CMA Intermediate Notes Operations Management & Strategic Management Notes

Operations Management Notes (Best techniques for easy understanding of Practical Parts of Operations Management/Research)

  1. Transportation
  2. Linear Programming (LPP)
  3. Replacement Theory
  4. Trend Analysis
  5. Plant Layout & Location Planning
  6. Assignment Problems
  7. Sequencing
  8. Simulation
  9. Assembly Line Balancing
  10. Motion Study
  11. Queueing Theory
  12. Total Productive Maintenance
  13. Network Analysis (CPM & PERT)
  14. Download OMSM MCQ Compilation

CMA Intermediate Notes Cost & Management Accounting and Financial Management Notes

Download CMA & FM PDF Notes

  1. Cost & Management Accounting – Introduction
  2. Decision Making Tools
  3. Budgeting and Budgetary Control
  4. Standard Costing and Variance Analysis
  5. Learning Curve
  6. Introduction to Financial Management
  7. Tools for Financial Analysis and Planning
  8. Working Capital Management
  9. Cost of Capital, Capital Structure Theories, Dividend Decisions and Leverage Analysis
  10. Capital Budgeting – Investment Decisions
  11. Past Exam MCQs
  12. Mock Test MCQs

CMA Intermediate Notes Indirect Taxation Notes

CMA Intermediate Notes Company Accounts & Audit Notes

Download Company Accounts & Audit PDF Notes

  1. Accounting of Shares and Debentures
  2. Presentation of Financial Statements (as per Schedule III)
  3. Cash Flow Statement
  4. Accounts of Banking, Electricity and Insurance Companies
  5. Accounting Standards (AS – 11, 12, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19)
  6. Auditing Concepts
  7. Provision relating to Audit under Companies Act
  8. Past Papers MCQ’s
  9. MTP/RTP MCQ’s

CMA Intermediate Notes – Summary

CMA Intermediate Group 1 Notes
Financial Accounting (FA) NotesDownload
Law & Ethics NotesDownload
Direct Taxation (DT) Notes Download
 Cost Accounting NotesDownload
CMA Intermediate Group 2 Notes 
Operations Management & Strategic Management (OMSM) NotesDownload
Cost & Management Accounting and Financial Management NotesDownload
Indirect Taxation NotesDownload
Company Accounts & Audit NotesDownload


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