Interview Tips Questions Answers For Freshers

Interview Tips | Questions And Answers For Freshers

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Interview Tips, Interview Question and Answers for Freshers, Job Interview Questions.

Interview is one of the most important part of any freshers Career. And it is very vital for them to get their dream job and for that an individual should be well prepared for Interview.

Today, I am providing some very useful interview tips for job interview, interview question and answers, Top Interview Questions. To clear interview everyone need some interview skills.

Tell me about yourself?

Employer seems to be a hunter when they ask tricky interview questions to the employees. Some people feel shivering until the interviewer stops asking the questions. But some will easily get the desired job by facing these hunters with self confidence. Not only they are self motivated, but they also did some practice to make the event to a career achievement. Most of them will clear/crack aptitude, technical and behavioral interview but fail to answer the question from HR professionals / HR manager during hiring process. So here we listed out some important HR interview questions for top companies. Which are to be a good learning platform for job seekers (both Freshers and experienced) to shine in the interviews.

  1. What is your strength and weakness?
  2. Why should we hire you?
  3. Where do you see yourself in five years?
  4. Why do you want to work here?
  5. Do you have any questions to ask?
  6. Why did you leave your last job?
  7. What are your short term goals?
  8. What are your long term goals?
  9. Can you work under pressure?
  10. Did you face any difficulty in finding this place?
  11. Are You Planning For Higher Studies?
  12. What superhero power would you want and why?
  13. Are you good at working in a team?

The things listed above are the most frequently asked job interview HR questions for your practice. Try it and do well in the interviews because we hope you know the quote, “practice makes a man perfect”. If you know any other important questions other than the above questions, kindly comment below for readers.

1. Tell me about yourself?
When interviewers asked you introduce about yourself, include your positive things along with your past experience, present and the vision of your future. Introduce more about yourself since they already got your qualifications in your resume.
2. What is your strength and weakness?
Be confident and loyal for answering this question. Remember and tell your real positives together with the steps you are taking to rectify your weaknesses.
If you have any interesting answer comment below.
3. Why should we hire you?
Convey your uniqueness, your record and tell them clearly that how you will you do things better for the company. Be bold to tell your answer in such a way they will recruit you.
4. Where do you see yourself in five years?
For this question you need to be careful. Don’t tell directly that you will be in a higher position or you will be in somewhere else because it will create some negative thoughts about you. Make them understand the change you really need with honest.
5. Why do you want to work here?
The answer you are telling should inform the employer that how much interest you are showing in the job you have applied for. For that you need to find some useful information about the company and their products.
6. Do you have any questions to ask?
Don’t say no to this question and ask questions about the company, corporation, about the future projects of the company, etc., to impress the hiring manager or HR.
7. Why did you leave your last?
You shouldn’t add up certain things about your past company like the salary package, about the employer etc. This will dirt your character so be practiced in answering the question.
8. What are your short term goals?
The best answer for this is learning, so tell that you want to learn something out of your company. Make them understand that you are now taking steps to achieve your short term goals.
9. What are your long term goals?
You shouldn’t wind up this question with just telling yours wish of moving out of this company, Your vision should fit with the development of the corporation since sometime they need you to stay there for a long time.
10. Can you work under pressure?
Isn’t it is a tough question, anyway you should take on this. Let them understand you will see any every work in a smarter way, so all the situation you are facing will not going to be a deadline for you.

11. Did you face any difficulty in finding this place?

The interviewer usually asks this question to initiate the talk and put the candidate to ease. You can smile and answer this question by saying: “It wasn’t difficult to find this place.”

12. Are you planning to go for further studies?

This answer needs to be answered tactfully, they want to know whether you are going to stay for long or you are just there to use their training resources and then say goodbye in 6 month’s time.

– If you are pursuing further studies, say so. Tell them why you want to go for that course
– If you are taking up a distance education course or a part time course, they should know, as you will need to take leaves when you appear for exams.

13. What superhero power would you want and why?
There are many oddball questions employers like to ask during interviews, but, according to our experts, this is one of the most common. Questions like these have several functions. “Some employers or on-campus organizations like to see how students react under pressure,” Merchant says. How you react will also demonstrate your critical-thinking skills, says Trzeciak. “The answer isn’t important, it’s your reasoning behind it.” She says it’s “also okay to ask for a moment to think about [your answer].” Doing so will help calm your nerves under pressure.

14. Are you good at working in a team?

Unless you have the I.Q. of a houseplant, you’ll always answer YES to this one. It’s the only answer. How can anyone function inside an organization if they are a loner? You may want to mention what part you like to play in a team though; it’s a great chance to explain that you’re a natural leader.

Interview questions and answers

You may be an Investment planner teacher, nurse, business analyst, designer or in other word you may be a Fresher or experienced all of you will undergo some common interview questions. Those questions are specified here. Try all this question and also practice to give better answers to the interviewer with confidence. Don’t worry victory is going to stand by your side, we pray. We hope you are now ready to practice, keep on practicing the questions. But confidence and creative are the only key factors to answer situational interview questions.

Interview Tips

We hope that you were now clear about the common and general interview questions and the tips to answer the tricky questions. If you need more information regarding this HR interview answers, comment below.

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